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Fly in locations usually reserved for professionals: Lufthansa Aviation Training's simulator centers in Frankfurt, Munich, Essen, Berlin or Vienna

Lift off where professional do their training. Have your personal flight experience at one of five Lufthansa Aviation Training Centers (LATCs) in Berlin, Essen, Frankfurt, Munich or Vienna.
You will not only find a wide variety of more than 45 Full Flight Simulators, but also the authentic and exclusive atmosphere of an airline training center. Usually closed off to the general public, it is an experience of its own right to enter one of these locations.

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Lufthansa Aviation Training Centers

There is one unifying point about the flight simulator locations in Berlin, Essen, Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich and Vienna: They are the original training centers of Lufthansa Aviation Training. Airline pilots train here and get type ratings, as well as exams. You don’t just enter the world of the unrivalled Lufthansa Full Flight Simulators – you will get a glimpse into the world of professional pilot training.

LAT Flight Simulator Locations

Fly in the Lufthansa Aviation Training Center in Berlin, Essen, Frankfurt am Main, Munich, Zurich, or Vienna on Lufthansa flight simulators.

Whether in Berlin, Essen, Frankfurt am Main, Munich, Zurich, or Vienna, at our locations, you can take off in the original Lufthansa flight simulators ("Full Flight Simulator") of Lufthansa Aviation Training. You fly by yourself and carry out takeoffs and landings without needing any prior flying experience. To ensure you take off and land safely, experienced airline pilots will assist you throughout the entire session at all our locations.

By the way: each of our locations features different Full Flight Simulators. For instance, in Frankfurt am Main, you will find flight simulators for the Airbus A380 and Boeing 747, whereas in Munich, the flight simulators for the Airbus A340 and A350 await you. In Berlin, we offer flight simulators of the Boeing 737 type, and in Essen, flight simulators for the Airbus A320, just like in Vienna and all our other locations. At all five locations, we, of course, have a variety of other flight simulators. You can get an overview by either navigating the configurator at the top of this page or checking out the individual flight simulator locations: Berlin, Essen, Frankfurt am Main, Munich, Vienna.

Our gift vouchers are valid for all our locations. So, if you're unsure about the preferred location or aircraft type for the recipient, you can easily purchase and gift one of our Quick & Simple voucher sets.

Appointments for our flight simulator locations in Berlin, Essen, Frankfurt am Main, Munich, and Vienna can be arranged over the phone or by email with us.